Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ready To Go!

Moving from a condo to a new home with land, a barn and enormous garden has been a exciting life change. There has been so much to learn. I have been working toward the goal of having my own studio space for my pottery. I have finally completed the build-out of my 100+ year old barn. This will be my first winter since our move that I will be able to work in the barn.

With a new heating system in place I should be ready to go for the winter. Clay and glazes have arrived and a new (used) kiln is in place. My biggest challenge for work will be keeping up with my two children and finding the time and energy to work in my space. I have not figured out how it will work.

I am actually relieved to be closing down the garden for the season. I am glad to have the reprieve from weeding, and watering. The tomato season was terrible this year. I am gardening without chemicals. As novice gardener I let the slugs, flies and beetles take over to my great irritation. It will be my winter research project to figure out how to fight these pest organically.

I am throwing again at my kick wheel which is something I haven't done since college. I am so glad that is all coming back. I just need to remember not to over work the peice as I throw them. I am attaching photos of my low fire work I made last year. I hoping to have stoneware complated in the next few weeks.