Monday, September 17, 2007

After the bash.......

I don't have any photo's to share but the launch party for 24 below was quite the good time. Much food was prepared by young chefs in training directed by Chef Efrain. I busied myself for the evening passing trays of food and remembering those attendees who could not eat shrimp. It is very nice to be amongst very nice strangers that at the end of the evening feel like friends. Surprisingly the BYOB part of the evening encourage bottle sharing with new friends and talents were found when that special someone could use the wine opener (Where's that girl that can open the bottle?"). Art was everywhere and the DJ kept things moving. The youth circus troop made a performance and helped remind everyone that proceeds were going to great places. I found great satisfaction in encouraging people to eat a little past their comfort zone. I will be looking forward to the next event!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Enjoying Art Outside

This is a painting of some of the funky squash I grew in the garden this year. When my house became over run with veggies covering the counters I couldn't resist painting a few. The squash are are totally edible but I haven't been able to bring myself to eat them.
The paintings are resting in my barely weeded perennial bed. I don't use chemicals so I either weed constantly or except what pops up. I am going to start painting the "Creeping Charley" it's a vine like weed that would love to take over everything.
This bowl and platter are nestled in part of my lawn. Can you find the grass? It is losing the battle in this part of the yard. The "Creeping Charley" is not with out it's charms, it has the best purple flowers in the spring.

I really like this bowl, as you might have noticed since it was in my last posting. Here it is hanging out with my nasturtium, weeds, and grass. I like the idea of stoneware hanging out the plants.


Sunday, September 02, 2007

DIY Show Coming soon!

I am so excited to be in the DIY Trunk show this year. I applied for the show with the encouragement of my friend Jessie at Sweetjessie. My children have started back to school and I for the first time in seven years have every mornings to myself.

I will also be at benefit dinner and art show in Chicago on September 15th. This is an under ground supper event hosted by Chef Efrain at This event is a combination of all things that I truly love food, art, performance and friends. I can not wait and I hope anyone in the Chicago area will try to attend. Check out his website.

My new marketing material is below put together by none other than Sweetjessie. I would not be getting this done with out my type A Jessay. I actually had the ax and log as left by my hubby next to my barn. I think it is funny in a way and I am not sure why. Sweet Jessie is one of my Crafty Bitches or the super cool ladies that meet at least monthly at my barn to make stuff. You never know for sure what is going to get made. Sometimes people scrape book or sew. Or making tile is always an option. The barn is kind of a confessional and you never know what will be discussed, admitted or come down the super vortex of gossip.

These are a few of the tile I made. Maybe I can tag Jessie and get her to post a few of her own.

XOXO Bitches