Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Making Trays

I have been playing with some antique wall paper rolls that I picked up at flea market. At the suggestion of my friend Jessie I started making trays and I am having a great time. These are the first out of the kiln and I am really pleased at home they turned out. My tea pots are looking great on them as well.

This is a tray with a feather print that I painted some designs over. Here is another treatment of the feather.

I took a few to the DIY Trunk show last weekend and the response was really positive. I can't wait to make another round and improve on the designed.

I think this one found a new home. I will be putting a lot of this stuff out at my Esty site. I have not add to that site in quite a while.

I am still loving my tea pots and cups, even though I didn't sell any last weekend. I think I will be throwing a tea party soon.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Tea Pots

I decided to make tea pots this month. I didn't realize until I started the tea pots that I had not actually made a tea pot since college. I can even really explain why. I went through lots of experimental phases in my post college work and did lots of work that required combining multiple thrown forms. Never a tea pot. So strange.

I unloaded the kiln today wondering what would turn out. I was nervous. It turned out so well. I am in love with these pots and little matching cups. I don't know why I haven't been making them all along. Today I could see making tea pots with cups and trays and saucers and little necessities that all tea pots need and deserve. I was surprised at this reaction in myself.

I sense a new direction!