Monday, October 01, 2007

Collecting Pottery

I wish I could say I have purchased other peoples work, but it feels so good to start filling up shelves with work I have completed. I made so little work over the summer I was ashamed to mention to anyone I was a potter. Now with the shelves filling up, I feel that proof exists. I am a potter see....look.....right there.....lots of pots!

Greenware small dishes.

Handle-less mugs. Don't those handles just get in the way sometimes?

Due to more poor inventory skills and lack of organization, I recently discovered I have lots of sets of bowls. I just keep putting them in boxes and forgetting about them. Look at my full shelves. More proof I am working. (note to self to analyze why I need poof, who am I proving what to, why am I proving)

This photos is called "Bowl-o-rama". I am so excited to have my camera back. I want to just publish tons photos.