Sunday, November 12, 2006

Getting Dirty, Thank God

Everyone should get dirty as much as possible. It may seem inconvenient, but getting dirty may be the most important part of life. I am committing to myself that I will throw 200 pounds of clay per week. That is really dirty, creative and productive. I recently planted (late) many sale bulbs of flowers and garlic. That was really dirty work in this warm November, but I am so excited about what I will find next spring and summer. I just cooked my first twelve month age county ham for the last six hours and that was messy but delicious. I can't possibly imagine a life that didn't involve getting up to your ears in goo. Get really dirty today, make a mess, then take a shower and clean up.

I have been throwing with real conviction in the last week and realized I haven't lost it in my maternity break. Throwing requires complete confidence and I would say being completely aggressive is a plus. That clay spinning on the wheel needs taming and decisive handling. Throwing fast is a must. Beauty comes fast from direct knowledge. Over worked thrown pieces look bad. It is really simple.

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