Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Unexpected Delays

What happens when everything is going great and your working like crazy making pottery and everything comes to a creaching halt. My incident started off with a fun Thanksgiving Holiday weekend winding down. Midway through making breakfast I decided to clean off my hand blender after smoothing the lumps out of my pancake batter. I then accidently turned on the blender as I wiped it off and did some serious damage to my middle right finger. An ER visit and five stiches later I realized I would be taking a break from throwing for a while.
Also, I quickly discovered the injured finger was responsible for the letter "e" when typing and so I laid off the typing a bit. So what can you do when your are on a forced art break? Finish a insanely complicated house for your children of course! I feel great pride in it's completion and I am posting a photo.

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