Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Free Artsy Momma Good Time

It has been way too long since I have posted. I have so many excuses that I will create a list of the last month's distractions:

1) Children one 4, one 6 (this is an excuse that is the band aid of all excuses)
2) Sick Children for one week (they shared nasty school germs with mom)
3) Birthday party of son
4) Actually making some art in those spare seconds

Most of my non-blogging is child care related. No surprise. I recently heard about a very successful blogger who writes about his sexual exploits or at least the ones he had while single. I could write about Motherly exploits. Interesting adventures of children with stomach flu, mounds of laundry and distractions from friendly visiting neighbors with bottles of wine.

Sex stories are really interesting and I am not surprise to know that the most popular blogs relate in some way to this event. I have realized that I am ok with my inner gossip. But it seems the people I know have not been having the exploits that would land me any paid advertisers.

Maybe all my blogs should be title "Free artsy momma good time". It would probably search really well, though I am afraid I would disappoint many people.

1 comment: said...

Come on, Melissa: dish up the good stuff! Just kidding. I'm really okay not knowing about your exploits, or "sexploits" as they may me. My big fear would be that another school mom would catch wind of a post like that. Horror of horrors! I'm on the PTA!