Sunday, September 02, 2007

DIY Show Coming soon!

I am so excited to be in the DIY Trunk show this year. I applied for the show with the encouragement of my friend Jessie at Sweetjessie. My children have started back to school and I for the first time in seven years have every mornings to myself.

I will also be at benefit dinner and art show in Chicago on September 15th. This is an under ground supper event hosted by Chef Efrain at This event is a combination of all things that I truly love food, art, performance and friends. I can not wait and I hope anyone in the Chicago area will try to attend. Check out his website.

My new marketing material is below put together by none other than Sweetjessie. I would not be getting this done with out my type A Jessay. I actually had the ax and log as left by my hubby next to my barn. I think it is funny in a way and I am not sure why. Sweet Jessie is one of my Crafty Bitches or the super cool ladies that meet at least monthly at my barn to make stuff. You never know for sure what is going to get made. Sometimes people scrape book or sew. Or making tile is always an option. The barn is kind of a confessional and you never know what will be discussed, admitted or come down the super vortex of gossip.

These are a few of the tile I made. Maybe I can tag Jessie and get her to post a few of her own.

XOXO Bitches

3 comments: said...

woohooo! She's back!!!

Scott said...

Hi Missy, it's Scott. Probably don't remember me. I still have your bowl and pitcher you gave me. Maybe it's worth a billion dollars now. That'd be nice. I can quit work..still in insurance. Manager now. I better be after all this time. I miss that Thai place over on Foster and Broadway and also falafal ball sandwhich. Yummy. Well, not sure how these blogs work. I clicked the button for it to email me. How's it going? 2 kids? Me to. Except they're much older probably.

Anonymous said...

Hey Missy! Your stuff looks great! Looking forward to seeing you soon back in the 'Burg. Love, Sis