Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Well here we are, it is the Christmas season again and most people I know are just completely surprised this event is happening next week. I guess I have spent the last few months completing projects and selling pots and the time just flew.

These pictures are from the last show of the year at the "Kids Work Children's Museum" in Frankfort Il. This show was kind of a celebration of the museums first weeks of being open. Downtown Frankfort hosts a "midnight madness" shopping spree and all of the stores stay open until Midnight.

This is some of my display. I was in a potted plant mood, something about all of the white snow outside made me want some colorful little plants to sell. Both of the pictures of this show have a little speak peak at Sweet Jessie from www.sweetjessie@com . Can you find her?
I received my latest email from my friend Cleetus over at announcing the next supper event at his space on January 14th. The next event is a cocktail party themed event highlighted with spirits by "Death's Door Spirits". Every event I try to create something new to highlight the food and theme of the event. For this event I decide to create little shot type glasses. All the shots I like to do end up in Venti Lattes. I think I will do some espresso cups and some creamers.

This is one of my new sets of plates. I was thinking frosty icy winter themed plates. I think it is a little to big for a cocktail party, so I will make something new that is really fun to hold.
Happy Holidays!

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krafty said...

Gorgeous! I want them all! I wish we were coming to town for the holidays to visit the studio. Love to the fam - xoxo amy