Monday, September 17, 2007

After the bash.......

I don't have any photo's to share but the launch party for 24 below was quite the good time. Much food was prepared by young chefs in training directed by Chef Efrain. I busied myself for the evening passing trays of food and remembering those attendees who could not eat shrimp. It is very nice to be amongst very nice strangers that at the end of the evening feel like friends. Surprisingly the BYOB part of the evening encourage bottle sharing with new friends and talents were found when that special someone could use the wine opener (Where's that girl that can open the bottle?"). Art was everywhere and the DJ kept things moving. The youth circus troop made a performance and helped remind everyone that proceeds were going to great places. I found great satisfaction in encouraging people to eat a little past their comfort zone. I will be looking forward to the next event!

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