Saturday, September 08, 2007

Enjoying Art Outside

This is a painting of some of the funky squash I grew in the garden this year. When my house became over run with veggies covering the counters I couldn't resist painting a few. The squash are are totally edible but I haven't been able to bring myself to eat them.
The paintings are resting in my barely weeded perennial bed. I don't use chemicals so I either weed constantly or except what pops up. I am going to start painting the "Creeping Charley" it's a vine like weed that would love to take over everything.
This bowl and platter are nestled in part of my lawn. Can you find the grass? It is losing the battle in this part of the yard. The "Creeping Charley" is not with out it's charms, it has the best purple flowers in the spring.

I really like this bowl, as you might have noticed since it was in my last posting. Here it is hanging out with my nasturtium, weeds, and grass. I like the idea of stoneware hanging out the plants.


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I love how green everything is...